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This tract which should have been called "Boardman county," had been
originally purchased of the Indians by one John Brown, probably as early
as the close of King Phillip's war. It was purchased by the Boardman
brothers in 1732, from the great-grandchildren of John Brown, requiring
a considerable number of deeds which are now on record in the county
clerk's office at York, Maine. These deeds were from Wm. Huxley, Eleazar
Stockwell, and many others, heirs of John Brown, and of Richard Pearse
his son-in-law. Two of them show $2,000 each as the sums paid for their

William Frazier, a grandson of Timothy, and an own cousin of the
author of the Log-Book, received something more than two townships, and
although German intruders early settled upon these lands, many of whose
descendants are now among the leading citizens of that county, yet there
seems to be little reason to doubt that if, after the close of the
Revolutionary war, the author of the Log-Book and other heirs had gone
in quest of those ample possessions, something handsome, perhaps half of
the county, might have been secured. There is a tradition that the true
owners were betrayed as non-resident owners of unimproved lands often
are, by their legal agents, who accepted of bribes to defraud those
whose interests they had promised to secure.