Software testing

Beijing Union University,  Dept. of Electronic Information

information on control flow testing and data flow testing


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Many letters and other papers remain from different branches of the
family of this and of more recent dates, exhibiting a deeply religious
spirit. The boy Timothy grew up in an atmosphere filled with such
influences. Many of the habits and feelings brought by the Puritans from
England still prevailed. To the day of his death he retained much of the
spirit of those early associations. He left a double portion to his
oldest son. He inherited the traits of the Puritans; intelligence;
appreciation of education; deference for different ages and relations in
society; piety, industry, economy and thrift. His advantages at school
in the flourishing village of Middletown must have been exceptionally
good; he early learned to write in an even, correct and handsome hand,
which he retained for nearly three-quarters of a century; his school
book on Navigation is before me.