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The brothers of the pastor, grandsons of Samuel, were scattered in
various places. Richard settled in Wethersfield, as already noticed.
Israel settled at Stratford, and had two sons and one daughter. Joshua,
received by his father's will the homestead, but afterward removed to
Springfield, Mass. Benjamin settled at Sharon, and received from his
father lands in Litchfield and New Milford, lands which the family had
probably purchased while the son and brother was preaching there.
Timothy, the ninth child of Daniel, only twelve years old when his
brother became pastor at New Milford, died only a few days before the
birth of his namesake, and first grandchild, the author of the Log-Book.
He lived and died in Wethersfield. His enterprise however, like that of
his grandfather who emigrated from England, and that of his father who
acquired lands in Litchfield and New Milford, went out, as that of many
of their descendants does to-day, in the west, for "more land." He and
his brother Joshua, and other thrifty citizens of Wethersfield, fixed
upon the province of Maine as the field of their enterprise. Timothy and
Joshua owned the tract of land, thirty miles from north to south, and
twenty-eight from east to west, which now, apparently, constitutes
Lincoln Co. They had a clear title to eight hundred and forty square
miles, about twenty-two townships, along or near the Atlantic coast. By
the census of 1880, the assessed valuation of real estate in this county
was $4,737,807; of personal property $1,896,886. Total $6,634,693. It
embraces 3,213 farms; 146,480 acres of improved land, valued, including
buildings and fences at $4,403,985; affording an annual production,
valued at $759,560. The population was 24,326 of whom 23,756 were
natives of Maine.