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information on control flow testing and data flow testing


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After completing this service, in the great uprising of the people to
oppose the southward progress of Burgoyne, he was called out and marched
toward Saratoga, but the surrender took place before his regiment
arrived. With his father he had worked at finishing houses, and the
inside of vessels built on the Connecticut river, on which Middletown
is situated. In the winter he was employed largely in cabinet work, in
the shop; I have the chest which he made and used on the _Oliver
Congress early adopted the policy of sending out privateers or armed
vessels to capture British merchant vessels. These vessels became prizes
for the captors. The _Oliver Cromwell_ was chartered by Connecticut,
with letters of marque and reprisal from the United States. Captain
Parker was in command. The _Defence_ accompanied the _Oliver Cromwell_;
they sailed from New London; Timothy Boardman then twenty-four years of
age enlisted and went on board; he commenced keeping the Log-Book April
11, 1778; he seems to have been head carpenter on board the ship, and to
have had severe labors. His assistants appear to have deserted him
before the close of the voyage. It was his duty to make any needful
repairs after a storm, or in an engagement and to perform any such
service necessary even at the time of greatest danger. In a terrific
storm it was decided to cut away the mast. His hat fell from his head,
but he scarcely felt it worth while to pick it up, as all were liable so
soon to go to the bottom. In action, his place was below deck, to be in
readiness with his tools and material to stop instantly, if possible,
any leak caused by the enemies' shot. At one time the rigging above him
was torn and fell upon him, some were killed; blood spattered over him,
and it was shouted "Boardman is killed." He, however, and another man on
board, a Mr. Post, father of the late Alpha Post of Rutland, were
spared to make their homes for half a century among the peaceful hills
of Vermont.