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information on control flow testing and data flow testing


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In the following year 1779, he seems to have sailed down the Atlantic
coast on an American merchant vessel. He was captured off Charleston, S.
Carolina, by the British, but after a few days' detention, on board his
Majesty's vessel, it was thought cheaper to send the prisoners on shore
than to feed them, and he and his companions were given a boat and set
at liberty. They reached Charleston in safety. The city was under
martial law, and the new-comers were for about six weeks put upon
garrison duty. About this time Lord Cornwallis was gaining signal
advantages in that vicinity, while Gen. Gates, who had received the
surrender of Burgoyne, three years before, was badly defeated. After
completing this service the author of the Log-Book, started to walk home
to Connecticut. He proceeded on foot to North Carolina, where Andrew
Jackson was, then a poor boy of twelve years. Jackson's father, a young
Irish emigrant died within two years after entering those forests, and
his widow soon to become the mother of a President, was "hauled" through
their clearing, from their deserted shanty, to his grave, among the
stumps, in the same lumber wagon with the corpse of her husband. He had
been dead twelve years when the pilgrim from Connecticut passed that
way. Overcome, probably by fatigue and by malaria, his progress was
arrested in North Carolina by fever, and he lay sick all winter among