Software testing

Beijing Union University,  Dept. of Electronic Information

information on control flow testing and data flow testing


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The would-be purchaser had brought the specie with which to buy it, in a
strong linen bag, still it is supposed preserved in the family, near the
same spot. "Bring in your money," said a friend, "and throw it down on a
table, so that it will jingle well." The device was successful, the
joyful sound, where silver was so scarce, brought the desired effect.
The deed was soon secured, for the land which he owned for nearly sixty

A clearing was soon made on this land at a point which lies about
one-half mile south of Centre Rutland, and a-half mile west of Otter
creek on the slope of a high hill. It was then expected that Centre
Rutland would be the capital of Vermont. In 1783, he erected amid the
deep forests, broken only here and there by small clearings, a small
framed house. He never occupied a log-house; as he was himself a
skillful carpenter, house-joiner and cabinet maker and had been reared
in a large village, a city, just as he left it, his taste did not allow
him to dispense with so many of the comforts of his earlier life as many
were compelled to relinquish.