Software testing

Beijing Union University,  Dept. of Electronic Information

information on control flow testing and data flow testing


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His youngest brother William, distinctly remembered my grandfather's
playing with him, and bantering him when a little child, and also the
September morning when with his father and mother he rode over in a
chaise to Capt. Ward's to attend Timothy's wedding. He told me that when
Timothy was there last, he shed some tears, as he cut for himself a
memorial cane, by the river's bank, where he used to play in boyhood,
and said he should never see the place again. William, whom he used to
call "Bill," named a son for him, Timothy.

The spot where he built his first house, and called on the name of the
Lord, and where his first two or three children were born, is now off
the road, at a considerable distance, about a-half mile north-east of
the house, occupied by his grandson, Samuel Boardman, Esq., of West
Rutland. It is near a brook, in a pasture, cold, wet, bunchy and stony,
and does not look as if it had ever been plowed. He had better land
which he cultivated afterward, and which yielded abundantly. But at
first he must have wrung a subsistence from a reluctant soil. Yet
the leaf-mould and ashes from burned timber on fields protected by
surrounding forests would produce good wheat, corn and vegetables. Near
that spot still stands one very old apple tree and another lies fallen
and decaying near by. So tenacious are the memorials of man's occupancy,
even for a short time.