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information on control flow testing and data flow testing


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After a few years he removed this small framed house, fifty rods
westward and dug and walled for it a cellar which still remains, a
pit filled with stones, water and growing alders. He then made some
additions to the house as demanded by his growing family. He also built
near it a barn. His house was still on the cold, bushy land which slopes
to the north-east, and is now only occupied for pasturage. Here seven
young children occupied with him his pioneer home.

The tradition used to be, that at first he incurred somewhat the
derision of his neighbors, better skilled in backwoodsman's lore than
himself, by hacking all around a tree, in order to get it down. It is
said that some imagined his land would soon be in the market, and sold
cheap; that the city bred farmer, better taught in navigation and
surveying, than in clearing forests and in agriculture, would become
tired and discouraged and abandon his undertaking. But he remained and
persevered, and his good Puritan qualities, industry, frugality, good
management, and persistency for the first ten or fifteen years,
determined his whole subsequent career and that of his family. He was
never rich, but he secured a good home, dealt well with his children,
and became independent for the remainder of his life. Indeed, like most
New England Puritans, of resolute and conscientious industry, and of
moderate expenditures, he was always independent after he was of age.