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information on control flow testing and data flow testing


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A man of such character, and of so fair an education would, of course,
soon be valued in any community, and be especially useful in a new
settlement where skill with the pen and the compass are rarer than in
older places.

He was appreciated and was soon made town clerk of Rutland, and county
surveyor for Rutland county. He was also in time made captain of the
militia, in recognition perhaps, in part, of his Revolutionary services.
He was also made clerk of the Congregational church, I have some of his
church records. On Nov. 20th, 1805, he was elected a deacon. He was
also on the committee to revise the Articles of Faith and Rules of
Discipline. About 1792, he bought fifty acres of good land lying west of
his first purchase, and on this ground, one hundred rods west of his
previous home, and about half a mile south-west of the spot first
occupied, he erected in 1799, a good two-story house, which is still in
excellent preservation, where till his death, he lived in a home as
ample and commodious as the better class of those with which he had been
familiar in his native state.

In sixteen years after coming to the unbroken forest on what has since
been called "Boardman hill," he had won a good position in society and
in the church, and a comfortable property. He was afflicted in the
death of his oldest daughter and child, Hannah, October 26, 1803. But
this was the only death that occurred in his family for more than
fifty-three years. His six remaining children lived to an average age
of about eighty.