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The Congregational church in West Rutland, one of the oldest in Vermont,
had been formed in 1773, nine years before his arrival. He became a
member in 1785, and his wife in 1803. Not long after his coming, Rev.
Mr. Roots, the pastor, died, and the widely known Rev. Samuel Haynes, a
devout, able and witty man, became their pastor, and so continued for
thirty years, until his dismission in 1818. Timothy Boardman's children
were early taken to church, were trained and all came into the church
under, the ministry of Rev. Mr. Haynes.

He said that he would sooner do without bread than without preaching,
and he was always a conscientious and liberal supporter of the church.
He appreciated and co-operated with his pastor. In the great revival of
1808, five of his children were gathered into the church. One of them,
perhaps all of them, were previously regarded by their parents as

In politics he was a Federalist. In respect to the war with Great
Britain 1812-1815, his views did not entirely coincide with those of
some others, including his associate in the diaconate, Dea. Chatterton,
who was a rigid Democrat. This eminently devout and useful man, was so
burdened with Dea. Boardman's lukewarmness in promoting the second
war with Great Britain, against whose armies both had fought in the
Revolution, that he felt constrained to take up a labor with him, hoping
to correct his political errors by wholesome church discipline. It must
have been a scene for a painter.