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The tremendous strain which the struggle for American Independence put
upon the generation who encountered it, was touchingly illustrated in
the lives of these two men, a generation, or two generations after the
struggle had been successfully closed. Amid the quiet hills of Vermont,
the minds of both were affected for a time, with at least partial
derangement. Dea. Boardman labored temporarily under the hallucination,
that he was somehow liable to arrest, and prepared a chamber for his
defence. He was obliged, for a time to be watched, though he was never
confined. A journey to Connecticut, on horseback, with his son Samuel,
when he was perhaps sixty years old, effected an entire cure. Dea.
Chatterton in his extreme old age, after a life of remarkable piety,
became a maniac and was obliged to be confined. He had suffered peculiar
hardships, perhaps on the prison-ships, in the Revolution; and his
incoherent expressions, in his insanity, sixty years afterward, and just
before his death, were full of charges against the "British."

Timothy Boardman's supreme interest in life, however, was in his loyalty
to Christ, and his intense desires were for the extension and full
triumph of Christ's kingdom. The revivals which prevailed in the early
part of the century and the consequent great expansion of aggressive
Christian work, were in answer to his life-long prayers, as well as
those of all other Christians; and he entered heartily, from the first,
into all measures undertaken for the more rapid spread of the gospel. He
was greatly interested in the formation of the American Board of
Commissioners for Foreign Missions, and read the _Missionary Herald_,
with interest from its first publication, until his death. The formation
of the Bible Society, Tract Society, Seaman's Friend Society, Sunday
School Society, American Home Missionary Society, etc., engaged his
interest, and received his support. He made himself an honorary member
of the A. B. C. F. M. near the close of his life, in accordance with the
suggestion of his sister Sarah, whom he greatly valued, the wife of Rev.
Joseph Washburn, and afterward of Dea. Porter, both of Farmington, Ct.,
by the contribution to Foreign Missions, at one time, of one hundred