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The newly married son to whom Julian Borman, the Puritan widow, with
seven children, wrote from England in 1641, obviously partook of these
common characteristics. He was soon recognized as a young man to be
relied upon. "Few of the first settlers of Connecticut," says Hinman,
author of the genealogy of the Puritans, "came here with a better
reputation, or sustained it more uniformly through life."

In 1646-7-8. He was a juror.

1649. Appointed by the Gen. Court, sealer of weights and measures.

1657-8-9-60-61-62-63, and many years afterward, representative of
Wethersfield in the Legislature of Connecticut, styled "Deputy to the
General Court."

Hinman says, few men, if any, in the colony, represented their own town
for so many sessions.

1660. On the grand jury of the colony.

1670. Nominated assistant.

1662. Distributor of William's estate.

1662. Appointed by Gen. Court on committee to pay certain taxes.

1665. Chairman of a committee appointed by the Legislature, to settle
with the Indians the difficulty about the bounds of land near
Middletown, "in an equitable way."

1660. On a similar committee to purchase of the Indians Thirty Mile

1665. Chairman of a committee of the Legislature to report on land,
petitioned for by G. Higby.

1663. Appointed chairman of committee to lay out the bounds of