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He died just two hundred and twelve years ago in April, 1673. His estate
was appraised by the selectmen of Wethersfield, May 2, 1673 at 742,
15_s_, about $4,000. His son Isaac then 31 years old is not named in the
settlement of the estate, and had perhaps received his patrimony. He had
ten children, seven sons and three daughters, of whom the youngest was
six years old; he had three grandchildren, the children of his oldest
son, Isaac. All his children received scriptural names, as was common in
Puritan families. His descendants are now doubtless several thousands in
number. Only a very small part, after two hundred and fifty years, of a
man's descendants bear his name. His daughters and their descendants,
his sons' daughters and their descendants, one-half, three-quarters,
seven-eights, diverge from the ancestral name, etc., till but a
thousandth part, after a few centuries retain the ancestral name, and
those who retain it owe to a hundred others as much of their lineage as
to him. Such is God's plan; the race are endlessly interwoven together;
no man liveth unto himself. But a few comparatively, of the descendants
of Samuel Borman can now be traced. His own name, however, has been
carried by them into the United States Senate; into the lower house of
Congress; into many State Legislatures; to the bar and to the bench;
into many pulpits, and into several chairs of collegiate and
professional instruction. Yet these can represent but a few of his
descendants who have been equally useful. Probably a larger number of
them are still to be found in Connecticut than in any other state. Among
them is the family of Rev. Noah Porter, D. D., LL. D., the President of
Yale College, who married a daughter of Rev. Dr. N. W. Taylor. The
prayers of Julian Borman for "her good sonne"--"her very loving sonne,
Samuel Boreman" already reach, under the covenant promise of Him who
remembers mercy to a thousand generations, a widely scattered family.