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information on control flow testing and data flow testing


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At the same time the pioneer legislator in the Colonial General Court
just established in the wilds of America, was aiding to lay Scriptural
foundations for institutions of civil and religious liberty in the New
World. He left a Thomas Boreman, perhaps an uncle, in Ipswich, Mass.
During the thirty-seven years of his life, after his emigration, he saw
new colonies planted at many points along the Atlantic coast. He saw the
older colonies constantly strengthened by fresh arrivals, and by the
natural increase of the population. Several other Boremans came to
New England very early, some of whom may have been his kindred. He
accumulated and left a considerable estate for that day, derived in part
undoubtedly, from the increase in the value of the new lands, which he
had at first occupied, and which he afterward sold at an advanced price.
Some in every generation, of his descendants have done likewise; going
first north, and east, and then further and further west. One of the
descendants of his youngest son Nathaniel, now living, a man of
distinguished ability, Hon. E. J. H. Boardman of Marshalltown, Iowa,
is said to have amassed in this manner a large fortune.